H LaRosee and Sons, Inc.
 Metal Finishing Services * Family owned since 1905

 15 Broad Street, Hudson. Massachusetts 01749
office: 978-562-9417
fax: 978-562-5616
email: info@hlaroseeandsons.com

Available Services


Nickel Plating 

Zinc Plating

Bright Nickel


Zinc with Clear Chromate

Electroless Nickel

Zinc with Yellow Chromate

Copper Plate

Zinc with Clear Chromate RoHS compliant

Copper Chromate

Zinc with Black Chromate

Zinc with Olive Drab Chromate


Passivate - Stainless Steel

Chromate Conversion

Yellow Chromate/Alodine

Oxide Treatment

Clear Chromate

Black Oxides

Clear Chromate RoHS

Black Passivate - Stainless Steel

Ebanol C or equivalent - Copper


Black Anodize

Other Plating

Clear Anodize

Cadmium Plate

Speciality Colors

Tin Plate

Chromic Acid Anodize

Silver Plate

Special Services

Paint Services

Polishing (Special Order)

Paint - plus cost of paint and materials

Masking plus cost of single use materials

Marking plus cost of special materials

Baking of Parts

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